Locking Medial distal Tibia Plate without Tab Left & Right

Locking Medial distal Tibia Plate without Tab Left & Right
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Model No: 934


The GPC Locking medial distal tibial plate left and right is indicated in pilon fractures, distal third tibia fractures. It is an anatomical pre contoured plate for left and right side.  It is available in stainless steel and titanium. It is available in 4 holes to 14 holes(2 holes increment).

  • Indications
  • Complex periarticular fracture distal end tibia
  • Osteotomy around distal tibia
  • Management of osteoporotic fractures
  • Fracture non-union distal end tibia
  • Specifications
  • Product Video
  • Anatomically shaped- right or left (marked over the plate)
  • Low profile construct with minimum implant prominence or soft tissue irritation
  • Well contoured curvature of the plate
  • Locking screws at the curvature to ensure strength to the construct even if the screw purchase is compromised
  • Tapered tip for submuscular insertion with minimal soft tissue stripping
  • Uniform stiffness of all segments, prolonging fatigue life of the implant
  • Smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • The combination of conventional and locking screws offers optimum fixation regardless of bone density
  • Screw heads are recessed into the plate holes for minimum screw prominence
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

No. of  HolesStainless Steel Titanium
Code- LeftCode- Right Code- Left Code- Right
4 934.04L 934.04R 934.04TL 934.04TR
6 934.06L 934.06R 934.06TL 934.06TR
8 934.08L 934.08R 934.08TL 934.08TR
10 934.10L 934.10R 934.10TL 934.10TR
12 934.12L 934.12R 934.12TL 934.12TR
14 934.14L 934.14R 934.14TL 934.14TR