Lecestre Plate

Lecestre Plate
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Model No: 814


The GPC lescestre plate is indicated in fractures of lateral column in inter condylar and supra condylar fractures of humerus. It is available in stainless steel and titanium. It is available in 5 to 13 holes(1 hole increment).

  • Indications
  • Comminuted fractures of distal humerus
  • Supracondylar fractures of distal humerus
  • Fixation of malunions and nonunions of distal humerus
  • Specifications


  • Anatomically pre-contoured to fit medial and lateral epicondyle of distal humerus
  • Pre-formed shape makes it side specific i.e. separate for left and right arm
  • Low profile plate
  • Oblong hole for optimal plate placement
  • Fixed with 3.5 mm cortex screws and 4.0 mm cancellous screws
  • Available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel

  • Thickness (T): 1.3 mm
  • Width (W): 12.5 mm
  • Hole Spacing (HS): 16 mm

No. of
CODE - Left CODE - Right
S.S. Titanium S.S. Titanium
5 814.05L 814.05TL 814.05R 814.05TR
6 814.06L 814.06TL 814.06R 814.06TR
7 814.07L 814.07TL 814.07R 814.07TR
8 814.08L 814.08TL 814.08R 814.08TR
9 814.09L 814.09TL 814.09R 814.09TR
10 814.10L 814.10TL 814.10R 814.10TR
11 814.11L 814.11TL 814.11R 814.11TR
12 814.12L 814.12TL 814.12R 814.12TR
13 814.13L  814.13TL 814.13R 814.13TR