Proximal Humerus Bone Plate

Proximal Humerus Bone Plate
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Model No: 656


Proximal Humerus Bone Plate

  • Indications
  • For two part, three part fractures of proximal humerus
  • Nonunions of proximal humerus fractures
  • Specifications
  • Product Video

  • Easily fits the contour of proximal humerus
  • Two slots in the proximal part of the plate allow fixation of rotator cuff or displaced tuberosity fragments with suture wire
  • Oblong hole allows temporary fixation of the plate for optimal placement on bone.
  • Fixed with 3.5 mm cortex & cancellous screws
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless Steel

No. of
Code - Left Code - Right
S.S. Titanium S.S. Titanium
4 656.04L 656.04TL 656.04R 656.04TR
5 656.05L 656.05TL 656.05R 656.05TR
6 656.06L 656.06TL 656.06R 656.06TR
7 656.07L 656.07TL 656.07R 656.07TR