Olecranon Plate 3.5

Olecranon Plate 3.5
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Model No: 903


Olecranon Plate 3.5

  • Indications
  • Complex extra and intra-articular olecranon fractures
  • Simple olecranon fractures
  • Pseudoarthrosis of the proximal ulna
  • Repair of olecranon after distal humerus surgery
  • Specifications

  • Anatomically pre-contoured, right and left configured
  • Used over the tensile surface of bones to work on tension band principle
  • Uniform stiffness of all segments, prolonging fatigue life of the implant
  • Smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • The combination of conventional and locking screws offers optimum fixation regardless of bone density
  • Pre-determined position and angle of the screws are adapted to allow reduction of fractures
  • Smooth transition from thin proximal segment to thicker shaft segment of the plate
  • Metaphyseal segment has 8 holes for 3.5 mm locking screws or 2.7 mm cortical screws including 1 hole in the tab
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

No. of  Holes Stainless Steel Titanium
Code- Left Code- Right Code- Left Code- Right
6 903.06L 903.06R 903.06TL 903.06TR
7 903.07L 903.07R 903.07TL 903.07TR
8 903.08L 903.08R 903.08TL 903.08TR
9 903.09L 903.09R 903.09TL 903.09TR
10 903.10L 903.10R 903.10TL 903.10TR