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The GPC Medical offers a comprehensive screw and plate system manufactured to help treat all the categories of clavicle fracture. The Clavicle implants include is a wide set of the best quality instruments, screws and plates designed to treat distal and mid-shaft clavicle fractures.  The plates, made from stainless steel, are pre-contoured and low profile with non-locking and locking screw options in each plate.

For example, the Reconstruction Plate 3.5 offered by the GPC Medical Limited is used to fix the calcaneal, pelvic and clavicle fractures. These are side cuts on the plates that make them flexible as well as widen the scope of their use.

Map Cranium Midface Mandible Spine Clavicle Proximal Humerus Humerus Shaft Distal Humerus Radius/Ulna Shaft Hand Pelvis Proximal Femur Femur Shaft Distal Femur Patella Proximal Tibia Tibial Shaft Fibula Distal Tibia Foot

Clavicle Implants