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Cranial bone implants are custom-made implants, specifically manufactured for cranioplasty, neurosurgery, and correction of the large bone defects, plastic surgery and maxillo-facial surgery. The common indications include Joints defects, large bone defects and cranial bone defects after oncology treatment and car accidents. The GPC Medical Limited provides premium quality cranial bone implants made up of UHMWPE polyethylene, Casting mould PMMA and Titanium. The collection includes 3D square plate, mesh plate, mini plate with bridge and without a bridge, 3D rectangular plate, etc.

Map Cranium Midface Mandible Spine Clavicle Proximal Humerus Humerus Shaft Distal Humerus Radius/Ulna Shaft Hand Pelvis Proximal Femur Femur Shaft Distal Femur Patella Proximal Tibia Tibial Shaft Fibula Distal Tibia Foot

Cranium Implants