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There are 3 bones that come together to shape the elbow. The fracture of the elbow is known as distal humerus fracture. These kinds of elbow fractures are fairly not common and account for around 2 percent of fractures in adults. The elbow is a very complicated joint, thus the fractures of elbow involve both the humerus and forearm bones. A range of distal humerus implants is offered by the GPC Medical including the distal humerus locking plate, reconstruction plate, olecranon plate and distal humerus bone plate.

Map Cranium Midface Mandible Spine Clavicle Proximal Humerus Humerus Shaft Distal Humerus Radius/Ulna Shaft Hand Pelvis Proximal Femur Femur Shaft Distal Femur Proximal Tibia Tibial Shaft Fibula Distal Tibia Foot

Distal Humerus Implants