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Distal Tibial Plates are used for temporary stabilization and internal fixation of osteotomies, as well as for fractures, including Supracondylar fractures, Comminuted fractures, extra-articular condylar and Intra-articular fractures. The best quality distal tibial implants offered by the GPC Medical Limited can also be used for Nonunions, Malunions and fractures in osteopenic bone.

The anatomical shape of the distal tibial plates matches the shape of the distal tibia. Moreover, these implants are specially designed separately for both left and right tibia and are available in a wide range of lengths. The distal tibial implants offered by the GPC Medical include distal tibia bone plate, cloverleaf locking plate, medial distal end tibia locking plate, etc.

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Distal Tibia Implants