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Most of the closed fractures of the humeral shaft can be successfully treated using closed procedures; often union rates of over 90 percent are reported. The humeral shaft implants using several closed methods, include the following:
Functional braces
Co-aptation splint
Hanging arm cast
Abduction shoulder/humeral spica cast
Velpeau dressing

A range of humeral shaft implants are offered the GPC Medical Limited including Y-construction plate, unreamed humeral nails, etc.

Map Cranium Midface Mandible Spine Clavicle Proximal Humerus Humerus Shaft Distal Humerus Radius/Ulna Shaft Hand Pelvis Proximal Femur Femur Shaft Distal Femur Patella Proximal Tibia Tibial Shaft Fibula Distal Tibia Foot

Humerus Shaft Implants