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Implants by Body Part

Our body is basically a temple that required preservation. Yet, for a number of reasons, an ever growing number of people are willing to park different non-biological articles, such as electronics inside their bodies. The major reasons for body implants are generally medical, such as pacing heartbeats, repairing bones, etc. In addition, the increasing use of body implants is also for convenience and cosmetics, such as take jaw implants for example.

It is important to distinguish body implants and transplants in terms of technology. Transplants are basically a type of implant, however they involve just biological body organs, in fact, duplicates are substituted, except these body parts come from another individual, whereas synthetic organs refers to body implants. The main difference is transplants are complete organs, on the other hand, implants are simple pieces or instruments, for example, electronic devices or hip replacement not intended to substitute any existing body part. The GPC Medical offers a range of high quality body implants from cranial bone implants to foot implants.

Map Cranium Midface Mandible Spine Clavicle Proximal Humerus Humerus Shaft Distal Humerus Radius/Ulna Shaft Distal Radius Hand Pelvis Proximal Femur Femur Shaft Distal Femur Patella Proximal Tibia Tibial Shaft Fibula Distal Tibia Foot