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Tubular External Fixator

Tabular external fixation is used in a number of ways to perform  callus distraction in segmental transport for closure of operative or traumatic bone defects. Depending on personal preference and situation of the soft tissue, segmental shifting can be achieved either by basel model (percutaneous Schanz screws) or Augsburg model (tension wires going through the soft tissues). The GPC Medical Limited offers high quality tubular external fixators, such as

Schanz Screws: These are partially threaded pins that are available in various lengths and diameters.

Steinmann pins: These have a trocar tip and are used as transosseous pins. For insertion, predrilling is required.

Rods/Tubes: Carbon-fiber rods and stainless steel tubes, both are available.

Clamps: The Clamps provide the connection between the pins and the rods or tubes. Likewise, tubes or rods can be linked to each other using the most suitable clamps.