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Locking Plates & Screws

Fracture repair has taken a major step forward with the adoption of locking compression plates as the standard treatment for broken bones. Locking plate and screw systems have advantages over the conventional screw system. Conventional plate/screw systems require precise adaptation of the plate to the underlying bone. Without this intimate contact, tightening of the screws will draw the bone segments toward the plate, resulting in alterations in the position of the osseous segments and the occlusal relationship. On the other hand it becomes unnecessary for the plate to intimately contact the underlying bone in all areas in a locking plate system, since the screws are tightened, they "lock" to the plate, thus stabilizing the segments without the need to compress the bone to the plate. This makes it impossible for the screw insertion to alter the reduction.

There are over 35 locking plate solutions we offer in our portfolio that you can choose from just a simple Locking Plate 3.5mm to a complex Medial Distal End Tibia Locking Plate that is customized specifically for the medial, distal end tibial plating.