Maxillofacial Plating System
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Maxillofacial Plating System

The Maxillofacial plating system is particularly designed to cover reconstruction of chin and mandibles, craniofacial skeleton orthopedic surgery and midface fracture. This procedure encompasses complex panfacial fractures to simple facial fractures. The category includes products to address fractures of the maxilla, mandible, and the midface including fractures of the zygoma and orbital fractures. Moreover, this category also involves reconstruction products, such as plates for mandibular tumor resection and mandible reconstruction. The plates and screws comprise of different thickness that can be used as per the procedure needs. The GPC Medical provides best quality Maxillofacial Plating System plates and screws, having following features:

• All screws work and compatible with plates within each system
• Plates have rounded edges that help in reducing soft tissue irritation
• Unique screw designs enable low insertion torque