Mini Fragment Plating System
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Mini Fragment Plating System

The GPC Medical Limited Mini Fragment Plating System is aimed for fixation of osteotomies, fractures, replantations, non-unions, as well as for fusions of small bone fragments and small bones, specifically in osteopenic bone. Some of the examples include the ankle, hand, foot and wrist. All the plates are made up of premium quality material. The benefits of this plating system include the following.

  1. Low profile plates are available for minimizing irritation in soft tissue
  2. Available without or with short threaded drill guides that are preassembled to the plate
  3. There is a Cut-to-length feature in the min fragment plating system that minimizes inventory
  4. The LCP plate's Combi holes allow for use of a cortex screw in the hole's compression side or a locking screw in the hole's the threaded side.