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Spinal System

GPC Medical Limited offers a broad portfolio of spinal implant products that is established by a single philosophy: offer top notched high-quality products that help orthopedic surgeons improve the patient's quality of life. The implants which comes under 4 categories cages, screws, plates and connectors and rods are used to facilitate fusion, correct deformities, and stabilize and strengthen the spine. We proudly provide our customers with wide variety of products like the patients who are slim; we offer "low profile" spinal implants so they are not visible through the skin. Also you can choose customized "low volume" implants to reduce muscle irritation and cause less post-operative pain. In addition, we manufacture titanium spinal implants as they are strong, light and, unlike stainless steel implants, can be used with MRIs. Adapting to the advancements in spinal implant systems, GPC Medical continues to expand its product line with devices and biologics that are beneficial for the surgeon and patient alike. From the occiput to the sacrum and everywhere in between GPC offers the products necessary to achieve successful outcomes, with minimal side effects possible.