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Spinal System

GPC Medical offers a broad portfolio of high-quality spinal implant products designed to improve the patient's quality of life. We at GPC Medical strongly believe in manufacturing high-quality products that transform the lives of people, enabling them to live at their best potential. We offer top-of-the-line spinal implant systems namely - spineHEAL Pedicle Screw System, spineHEAL Anterior Cervical Plating System, spineHEAL Lumbar Cage System, spineHEAL Titanium Mesh Cages,  spineHEAL Laminoplasty Compression Plate System etc. These implants are designed with the latest technologies in order to facilitate fusion, correct deformities, and stabilize and strengthen the spine. We are constantly investing in R&D & innovation in order to keep on coming with products that are aligned with the latest advancements in spinal implant systems.