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Back Supports

Spinal pain can be perhaps one of the most upsetting and undesired medical conditions. It might happen to an individual at a most unforeseen time. GPC offers truly outstanding back help belts/supports to give uniform pressure and rigid support to the back area.

The back braces offered by GPC includes muscular back rest, pose support, taylor support, sacro lumbar support, back support for pose, muscular coccyx wedge seat and some more.

The Taylor Belt is a lightweight spinal support. It covers all dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebras. The Taylor Brace is a strongly suggested support for spinal disfigurements, vertebral breaks and osteoporosis of the spine. We likewise offer easily, anatomically and customised supports that guarantee better fitting, and better pressure of the lumbar sacral district. The Taylor Spinal Brace offered by GPC comes in two characteristics; high quality and superior manufacturing.