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Cervical Traction Kit

Cervical balance devices are high quality comfort gadgets, used for giving neck traction to the cervical and upper dorsal vertebras. It might be supportively used at home or clinical center and can be used in a napping position. There is an alternate pack for the sitting position. GPC offers the best cervical neck balance device that can without a doubt oblige your any passage side or your bed. They are designed to be sturdy which comes advantageous for a long life and have different uses. The fragile padded head harness of the pack gives a pleasant interface to the cervical traction unit. The packs have a basic ejection application.

The cervical balance unit (Sleeping) decreases the strain on the principal vertebral bodies by developing the space between intervertebral joints.The cervical traction pack (Sitting) gives longitudinal reaching out in sitting circumstance by balance, and sufficiently quiets torture related with cervical spondylosis. The additional items consolidate a cervical balance unit overdoor pulley, a cervical traction head harness, a neck traction spreader bar, a balance string 10 ft, and a traction weight pack.