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Wrist & Elbow Splints

GPC Medical Limited produces the most in fact designed wrist and elbow bolsters that give a comfortable feeling to the wrist and lower arm. The wrist brace with thumb is intended to help, ensure and immobilize the harmed part somewhat to give it the ideal help required while permitting free and common movement of the fingers. It relieves torment by compacting it in the ideal manner and making an additional hold without pressurizing it.

To ensure that the patient isn't awkward while wearing the wrist and elbow support; it is made with high modulus of versatility, is permeable, and holds the size and the shape for quite a while.

The wrist and elbow underpins made by GPC incorporate wrist binder, elastic elbow uphold, tennis elbow protector, elastic cook up splint, thumb spica splint, carpel tunnel splint, elastic wrist brace, dynamic cook up splint, and forearm splint.